Pets and Owners

We are still working on these pages, but this is where we'll have all of our information about animals and resources for their owners.

  • What do to if you find an animal that needs help

  • Where you can get low cost services

  • How to pick the right animal to adopt

  • Tips on being a great pet owner

Summer Tips: Help Animals Beat the Heat!

  • Don't feed wildlife, but you CAN leave out water for them! With the current drought, this can be a big relief. Some neighbors like to leave bowls out for their friends walking their dogs by as well.

      • Keep the bowl or water source clean, as you would for a pet, to avoid communicable diseases.

      • Don't let smaller animals become trapped and drown! If you have a pool, add an animal escape ramp (FrogLog, Skamper Ramp, etc.). If you're using something like a kiddie pool, a Critter Escape Net may work better.*

  • Don't be surprised to see wildlife in lawns sitting on cool grass, getting shade under a bush, etc., more often in the summer months.

  • Always provide a cool bowl of water and do not leave it in the sun!

  • Add a 2nd bowl of water to your freezer (depending on bowl materials). Your pet can drink the first one and lick the ice on the second one as it melts slowly, so they have cool water all day.,

  • Refill a water bottle and put it in the freezer, so it's ready to give to your pet on a hot day. Your pet can lick the condensation off for some cool water and lie next to it to help reduce its body heat. (If you don't have air conditioning,, a bigger bottle to lie up against can help cool your body temperature as well.) Note: this is not a replacement for a water bowl, this is in addition to one.

  • If you have an outdoor pet, try a cooling mat, no refrigeration required.

  • Pet beds that sit off the ground allow airflow.

  • For dogs that walk on concrete, get some doggie booties!

  • Bring a portable water dish when you go out for a while so that you can get your pet water on the go.

Most importantly, be aware of the signs of overheating!!

If there are things you would like to do for your animal but can't afford, try your local Buy Nothing group, or post on NextDoor or other social media site that you're looking for a particular item. If you can't find what you need, let us know. Our rescue currently doesn't have storage facilities, but we're happy to try and connect individuals.

*Product links for reference only, no guarantees implied, and we do not use affiliate links or receive any funding from purchases.

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