Lost and Found


Jesk is a shy, sweet cat who finally found a forever home and is now lost. Cats hide, so please check garages, crawl spaces, etc. A map of where Jesk was last seen is below. Contact 818-237-6326 or email shefali10@hotmail.com

Did you lose or find an animal that you'd like posted?

  • Email info@losfelizanimalrescue.org with LOST or FOUND as the subject line

  • Indicate the area/circumstances* where the animal was lost or found

  • Include photos

  • Provide an email address where people can contact you directly

*Do not provide exact address, just approximate cross streets etc.


  • Scan for a microchip. If you have not had the animal scanned for a microchip, please DO THAT FIRST. You can take it to any vet or shelter, and if you're nearby, we can make arrangements to scan for you.

  • Require proof of ownership. If you've found a pet, be sure to require the person claiming the animal to provide photos or other evidence that this is indeed their animal.