Adoptable Animals

Unless otherwise noted, all adoptions are done directly with the pet parent/foster parent/independent rescuer. We are happy to provide guidance on selecting your new family member, as well as to provide resources like sample adoption contracts to independent rescuers.

What is the difference between fostering, foster-to-adopt, and adoption?

Fostering: Foster homes provide a temporary home to an animal that would otherwise be on the street or in a shelter.

Foster to Adopt: This is when a potential owner takes possession of an animal before the animal has finished all of the steps that LFAR takes prior to adoption. For example, young kittens who can't be spayed or neutered yet. This is a great way to see if you think an animal will fit into your current living situation. We will still require an adoption contract/fee if you decide to adopt the animal.

Adoption: This is when an animal finds a permanent, lifetime home.

If you're interested in being a foster parent, please click here for the foster application form.


This sweet girl was found outside, asking for help. She's a petite girl who would love to hang out with you all day and can also get along with other cats. She even likes to walk on a leash! Approximately 6 months old, and ready for adoption!

This is an LFAR Direct Adoption.


Linden is a young lady, just under 2 years old, who was rescued off the streets of Venice. She is fixed, vaccinated, and in good health. She is a sweet, affectionate girl who has had some run-ins with dogs, so she would do best in a home without dogs. Contact her mom, Kristin, using the button below.


Mirabelle was living on the streets and was so friendly that we knew she'd make a wonderful pet for someone. She's very playful and likes to play with other cats, especially if she can be the boss cat. She loves attention and head scratches!

This is an LFAR Direct Adoption.


Ginger is a hoot! He is currently living in a foster home with dogs and other cats and gets along great with everyone! He does like to get pets from his human as well, but only when playtime is over!

This is a LFAR direct adoption.


More info. coming soon!

This is a LFAR direct adoption.


More info coming soon!


This is an LFAR Direct Adoption.

These animals are already in foster care and are just waiting to be fixed, vaccinated, and then will be ready for their forever homes.


More kittens on the way!