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Our Mission

Los Feliz Animal Rescue is dedicated to creating a community full of healthy and happy animals, regardless of species or domestication.  We want to accomplish this by:

We are currently focusing on the Los Feliz area, and hope to expand if our mission is successful.  We also hope to inspire people to create hyperlocal groups in their own communities.

About Us

Los Feliz Animal Rescue was born from the Los Feliz Cat Rescue Network Group on NextDoor.  Melody King created the group in order to create an efficient, effective way for all of the rescuers and animal lovers on the site to be able to take care of the cats in the neighborhood.

The Los Feliz area is so unique with its combination of domestic pets, from dogs to turtles, and the wildlife that surrounds it, that we couldn't stop with just cats. The only reason this organization exists is due to the support from the local community, and we sincerely hope it makes you proud. 

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The average cost of getting one healthy cat fixed, vaccinated, and ready for adoption is approximately $200. Dogs and senior animals cost even more.  Help us get more animals taken care of in our community!