Fosters Needed

Frankie, adult male
Date TBD, Needs a socialization specialist

This boy is approximately 3 years old and has been living on the streets since his people moved and left him 2 years ago! He has a limp from a dog attack a year ago. He is fixed and vaccinated. He used to live with dogs and got along with them very well prior to the attack.

He is currently in a place where he can decompress and relax. He is learning to trust people slowly, and has even shown interest in toys! Once his medical issues have been resolved, we will need a kind, patient foster for him.


In addition to long term fosters, we're looking for fosters who can hold animals as soon as we get them. It may be just for a night or two, or longer, but the goal is to have a space where the animals can be safe until they are able to get to the vet and be checked out.

Interested in Fostering?